The QL website aspires to be the place where you come to for all other QL related information that doesn't appear anywhere else, well that's the idea anyway. The QL is the short form acronym for Sir Clive Sinclair's Quantum Leap personal 'business' computer and was envisioned in the early 1980s.
Supported by a hive of small business's that sprouted up alongside it and with QUANTA, the QL User Group supporter (which is still going), the QL is now considered by many an iconic piece of history.

This year we are celebrating the QL, as with all other years. 

The race is on to get a PiQL up and running (see image across) as someone has managed this thus far but no QDOS/SuperBASIC yet (watch this space). Click on the image for the original source

YouTube Video

If you want more information about the QL computer then look at the set of web-pages under the tab 

Recent Files

  • QL RS232 LINK.svg   22k - 23 Jan 2014, 01:11 by Lee Privett (v1)
    ‎One of the drawings in SVG format, not sure if the conversion is working correctly though.‎
  • QL01.vsd   450k - 19 Dec 2013, 03:26 by Lee Privett (v1)
    ‎Visio file of the keyboard connectors and where they go‎
  • book-cover-software-I.png   684k - 22 Jan 2013, 16:09 by Lee Privett (v1)
    ‎Another e-book cover for SuperBASIC, by now hopefully you get the picture ahem (smiley face) ooh red colour, pretty!‎
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Random QL Image

QL Main Circuit Board
MC68008L8 MC68008L8 

Plug Connectors

More e-book covers added see here and below

The QL website follows the IEE principles originally conceived for the birth of the BBC way back when and that is to Inform, Educate and Entertain.
So you will find information contained within this website that will both inform and educate to some extent your knowledge about the QL and its derivatives. You will also find the odd bit of information scattered here and there that will also (hopefully) entertain you. I woke up last night to find the ghost of Gloria Gaynor standing at the foot of my bed. At first I was afraid.......then I was petrified. Having a very keen interest in music and music technology, you may find occasionally that things found on this site, will have a musical slant.
What are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do now?  - Q8
An example User Guide cover for use with e-books initiative from Dilwyn Jones website, and there are plenty where this came from, lots more in the image repository so go there, if there is something like this you are looking for but cannot find, ask and if I can do it, I will :) requests go way of the TBA page and the contacts page but be warned not is all that it seems. If you cant find your way through, then put the request through the QL Forum, PM me there 'Mr_Navigator' with your request and I will try to oblige.