Here is the most complicated method of telling you about contact details, it is done for several reasons, one main reason is to get you to read and understand the complexities involved in the creation of websites. The second reason is to hide the true nature of the contact email address from spying bots (but more on that later). The other bits are too long to mention here but who knows I may come back to this point later and add a bit more. Contact details will go here on this page (eventually), they will be the most common ones as used on other sites but there is a catch. As a method to avoid the input box filling up with spam and other stuff created by autobots (Not the Autobots(TM) ) searching the web, the full email details will not be displayed. Instead a more descriptive method will be employed for the reasons already given.
You will be able to work out most of these yourself. The latter part of the email address starts with the @ sign and the last part will always end in the address, preceded by TheQL. (including the fullstop). That is where the similarity ends, the contact details preceding the @ sign will be, by definition, either a play on words or a cryptic set of characters related to the expected method used, e.g. 
For information about this website, you would expect to send an email addressed accordingly:-
Indeed, click on the above link if you must, well, you can try but that's just what they would expect you to do wouldn't they my little precious :) ooh first the Ring Trilogy, now the Hobbit, what will come next I wonder, conspiracy theorists can start here. 

For those who have not bothered to read the text on this page thus far will just click on the above bright coloured green link (like moths to a flame or like flies to ahem! flypaper, only to be taken to their mail client and send an email, it will bounce back (I hope). If you want further information, then you should put ThePrisoner in front of the @ sign, and no I am not explaining why, research it yourself (this is my website and my sense of humour rules). Having said that, you can find me on the QL Forum, which is an easier way of contacting and requesting stuff. Through the QL Forum, PM me there 'Mr_Navigator' with your request and I will try to oblige.


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