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One of the unique things about the QL (and in some-ways this is true for other Sinclair computers) was the dedicated and loyal following by the owners and users of he QL computer. 

Despite the bad press, the initial problems with a product not ready for market and an operating system quite full of bugs, the Sinclair QL computer was sought after and a 'following' developed over time to support users in a common goal, to get the best out of their system

So what was this community? that requires further learning and a few more directional pointers 

  • Get to learn about the computer's predecessor that gave birth to the computer games industry here in the UK and internationally
  • Get to learn about the remarkable story that is QUANTA, the QL Users And Tinkerers Association
  • Get to learn about the 'computer' that brought multitasking to the masses before anyone else
  • Get to learn about the community that was there at the beginning and is still going today
  • Get to learn a whole multitude of programming tips and tricks
  • Get to learn about the Sinclair QL

Quanta is an organisation that was formed when the Sinclair QL first came into existence in the early 1980's, initially consisting of a newsletter followed by a ever increasing library of software written by its members.  Quanta is an independent QL Users group that still supports through its membership the various QL manifestations we see today. It is run by a committee, but don't let that put you off :) 

In order to receive the newsletter/magazine which is produced 6 times a year, you have to subscribe, the cost is minimal especially when compared to the likes of current computer magazine subscriptions, however the benefits of subscribing to Quanta are many.

Other features of Quanta include:

  • A news page, periodically updated to report various Quanta members and QL related stories
  • Show reports, as and when QL shows, meetings, special event occur, the information is provided here
  • Forthcoming events, this page provides information on events that are forthcoming (couldn't resist, no apology)
  • Magazine, what the magazine looks like, free SuperBasic listings and samples
  • Information about the software Library (not public domain), again subscription will get you access
  • Subgroup information, nationally and internationally
  • All the current QL alternatives to the original QL
  • Traders, sadly a small list
  • Publications, mainly historical
  • Links, other QL related sites

This is only a brief list, the website is worth exploring to get a general feel of what the QL community is about and its history, comments are welcome there.


----====::::[other periodicals]::::====----

A second magazine still around today since 1996 is QL TODAY, with many articles written by experts in their field of QL and QL related hardware and software, QL TODAY caters for everyone from beginners to advanced users.