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There are a few web sites that are absolutely dedicated to preserving the software available for the QL

This software varies a great deal in quality and compatibility as there are now many versions of QL emulators and extension languages

It is also no guarantee that if it worked on the original QL that it will work on anything new today including the emulators, the reasons are many including assumptions about memory locations being static, the original speed of the QL, that access speed of its peripherals and the medium the software was saved on. 

However some emulators adhere very well to the original QL system and continue to strive towards exactness.

You will find that software is divided in to a variety of camps, mainly (or most commonly) Games, Utilities and Applications

There really isn't enough games software available for the QL to worry about different genres, however there are a multitude of utilities and applications. 

New software tends to occur now and then, mainly appearing in the Quanta Library, which is not public domain, but you can access by becoming a member and subscribing to their magazine

You will find at the bottom of this web page a list of sites in no particular order of some of the main web pages containing appropriate links to the software

The different ways in which the list of software is categorised varies from 'individually alphabetical' to 'themed alphabetical' 

Typical categories include Editors, Emulators, Disk Utilities, Graphics, Games & Pointer Environment, these tend to be the main ones

It a big list and most areas are catered for

Finally, there are companies in the business for selling software and other stuff related to the QL and other retro computers, the software will be a combination of new, old and second hand and the copyright exists on this software, so please be aware of the differences and be careful not to do anything untoward

Many QL'ers like to program especially when showing their skills using SuperBASIC, 'C' and of course pure Machine Code, on the various forums you can ask or suggest problems to solve

Invariably there will be a solution or knowledge of the software that will do it for you and most if not all the people on these sites are more than willing to help,  so please join the community, support and contribute if you can

If you intend to program or create software for yourself or the community then it is quite likely that a bit more reading is needed (books, magazines, articles etc.) as the original QL had a fixed screen size, limited memory and a set number of usable colours, this can turn out to be important before you make any initial assumptions 

Most of which is no longer the case especially if you go down the emulator route, so  the main decision you will need to make  is Original QL or Not Original QL?

Public Domain Software Sites


Commercial Software Sites