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If you are new to the QL scene or just returning to the QL scene after a fair number of years, or just don't know the QL systems very well. Then all is not lost, you will find that there are many terms that will be used and banded about on the QL Forum and the QL Mailing lists and even on other websites that initially might not make any sense. As there are many terms quite unique to the QL,  some of the more common ones are explained here:
  • Aurora - a replacement redesigned circuit board for the QL
  • GC - Gold Card, an electronic card that provides hardware expansion
  • GD2 - Improved graphics specification
  • HBA - ROM version (actually the version reported by QPC2)
  • HERMES -  A replacement for the QLs second processor 8049
  • JSL1 - ROM version
  • Minerva - ROM version and hardware replacement
  • Q40 - A later hardware equivalent of the QL 
  • Q60 - An even later hardware equivalent
  • QEP III - An QL based EPROM blower
  • QL2K - An emulator that runs on Microsoft Windows
  • QLAY - An emulator that runs on Microsoft DOS
  • QPAC - Software that used WIMP principles
  • QPAC2 - Updated  software that used WIMP principles
  • QPC - An emulator that runs on Microsoft Windows
  • QPC2 - An updated emulator that runs on Microsoft Windows
  • Qubide - an IDE disk interface
  • QXL - An expansion card running a QL on a PC system
  • SBASIC - the programming language used by SMSQ, an extension of SuperBasic
  • SGC - Super Gold Card, an electronic card that provides even more hardware expansion than GC
  • SMSQ - Operating system for the QXL
  • SMSQ\e - Operating system as above but includes a pointer system
  • SSS - The sound extension to the QL 
  • THING - A term used initially by Tony Tebby to explain software operations that didn't fit a particular mould
  • TK2 - Toolkit II from Care Electronics a set of extensions that no one should ever be without
  • TKII - See TK2
  • TT - Tony Tebby the QL guru for some
  • uQLx - An emulator that runs on Linux systems

A fuller and more complete Glossary of terms covering many generic computing terms as well as those specific to the QL can be found here on Dilwyn Jones Sinclair QL Pages (click here) and also thanks to Dilwyn for the images shown here.

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