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Why not try SuperBASIC on the QL Operating system QDOS? 
  • You don't need to buy another computer

(the one you have is probably more than enough)

  • You don't need a massively fast CPU

(the one you have is already fast enough)

  • You don't need loads more memory

(the amount you have is probably more than enough)

If you have a PC or a MAC you can try this system for free

It is emulated on your own PC or MAC for nothing

You will have loads to learn from doing so and nothing to lose

There are other QL based systems that used an extended version of SuperBasic called SBasic, and operating systems that extend QDOS as well, look here for some explanation and here for fuller explanation

If you want all the work done for you, a kind of "Plug in and Go", then try here or here

Hardware & Software Emulation

There is a separate tab totally dedicated to QL Emulation and a wealth of current software and a history of available hardware on these set of web pages called QL Emulation

In summary the are software emulation packages for:-

PC systems including:


Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7



Amiga systems 

ATARI systems

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