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Information In

Some more basic commands
10 REMark this statement prints to the screen text to
20 REMark help the user respond to the input request
30 REMark which puts the response in to a variable A$
40 INPUT "Please type in your first name and press ENTER ";A$
50 PRINT "Hello ";A$;", how are you today?";
70 IF B$="" THEN GO TO 50
80 PRINT "Well that's interesting, if you don't mind me asking, how old are you ? ";
100 PRINT "So your name is "&A$&", your age is "&C$&" and you are feeling "&B$
110 PRINT "Have a nice day :)"
Use of operators

& this adds strings together so that one command affects them all
= this tests for a condition between two values and acts upon them being equal

Type in the listing
When finished you can RUN the program by typing RUN and pressing ENTER

Then respond to the on screen prompts/questions

This is just the start